Deliciously excited,
Elation lights up eyes.
Lighthearted twinkling spirits
Illuminate in surprise.
Gratified in happiness,
Heavenly in its delight.
Thrilled and embraced by rapture
Fulfilling the hearts are bright.
Undying moments blinking
Laughing happy eyes winking.
©Jacqui Slade


Black Magic

Beguiling and mysterious

Luring souls they’re delirious

And spellbound under enchantment.

Conjured by evil enhancements.

Keeping spirits in delusion.


Magic of the darkness is undone

And lifted if fear’s overcome.

Good conquers all jinxes will leave

If you have to strength to believe

Curses only live in the mind.

©Jacqui Slade


This acrostic poem was written for a challenge to write an acrostic poem about the word – Lamplight.

Light your beacons of hope,
And let love guide us all.
May they extinguish hate,
Perhaps kindness could rule.
Light your lanterns of peace
Ignite a sense of good.
Give each race some respect,
Help others as you should.
Think of humanity.
©Jacqui Slade