Olympus lights fires

for Gods clashing for the throne.

Strength is everything.


©Jacqui Slade


Mutiny Of The Soul

Waves of anxiety

stress that their currents twist,

creating billows and

storm surges to drown in.


Fear is not seafaring,

it’s voyage never calm.

It’s a mere buccaneer

rousing rebellion


with cutlasses of doubt.

Pirating certainty,

a pillager of hope

shipwrecking happiness.


Marooned spirits dwell on

islands of their unease.

Apprehension is a

mutiny of the soul.


©Jacqui Slade

Collective Effervescence 

Collective effervescence

throbbing drums, beating in hearts.

Pounding in their amusement

the primal rhythm joyous.


Nature is celebrated,

the starry eyed worship dance.

Barefoot coupling with their souls,

branches sway in unity.


Tripping to a moonlit song

in spirited harmony,

ancients carousal wildly

their eugenic kindred bounce.


As the night parties with stones

relics hangover the morn.

Sunrise heralds the dawn of

the original ravers.


©Jacqui Slade

The Last Horizon 

Souls afraid are torn between

celestial parallels.

Stars and seas beckoning that

death and life are but kindred


entities. Spirits waver

on tempestuous billows,

crescent and irresolute.

A dream drowns, it’s demise a


red giant of despair. The

dust residue is fragmented

casting an ominous shroud

disorienting light.


The last horizon falters.

Dimensions shift. An essence

evolves in strength of darkness

Hope is reincarnated.


©Jacqui Slade


Energy’s transfusing,

universally it

moves. Auras burn sparking

atmospheric fuses.


Sensations emanate

dynamism, it flows


through shadows, time and light.


The emotional force

is current with past and

future bound. Unconscious

it creates a cosmic


synergy. Karma is

an empyreal height,

its luminescence a

radiance of fate.


©Jacqui Slade