The School Boy

He is the one that nobody chooses,

he can’t kick a ball he always loses.

Not part of the team, he’s last in the race.

They always laugh they don’t like his face.

Maybe he’s spotty, fat or wears glasses.

He is the one that they pick on in classes.

Maybe he’s smarter, autistic or tall,

but mostly there is no reason at all.

They need no excuse to name call and jeer,

kick him or beat him and he lives in fear.

It’s day after day and he finds it hard,

all on his own he walks around the yard.

Wanting to join in wanting to speak,

they have destroyed him he feels like a freak.

And when he goes home he breaks down and cries.

He can’t understand why it’s him they despise.

Tormented he wonders when will it all end.

Wishing so badly that he had a friend.

It’s sad and it’s tragic, it’s wrong, it’s absurd.

That the voices of children are often unheard.

They won’t ask for help they are too scared.

Their pain would be lessened of it could be shared.

Thousands of children have their lives marred,

by bullies who leave them shameful and scarred.

It’s a problem that’s sadly often denied.

But how can you ignore a childs suicide?

©Jacqui Slade


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