Dracula by Bram Stoker

A bit about the author:

Abraham Stoker was born in 1847 in Dublin, Ireland.

He was the son of a civil servant and a charity worker.

He attended Trinity College in Dublin and later became personal assistant to the actor Henry Irving.

During his life time he wrote a number of non fiction books, as well as articles, a few poems and some short stories.

Of The 12 novels that he wrote, Dracula was his 5th and his most famous work and was first published in 1897.

He died in London aged 64 in 1912 and is buried at Golders Green Crematorium in London.

Dracula is a gothic horror novel.

The story is written as journal entries, letters, telegrams and memorandums from some of the main characters –

Jonathan Harker, solicitor

Mina Murray, Jonathan’s fiancee

Lucy Westernra, Mina’s friend

Dr Seward, a suitor of Lucy’s, doctor and manager of an insane asylum.

Professor Van Helsing – a Dutch, professor, metaphysician and scientist whom Dr Seward was once a pupil of.

The story begins with Jonathan Harker’s journey to Transylvania to meet his client Count Dracula in order to secure a property sale and tells of his time at the Counts castle where he learns that the Count is planning to move to London. He finds himself imprisoned and is very lucky to escape with his life.

Afterwards he questions his sanity and doesn’t know wether his ordeal is some kind of delusion or if it really happened.

Whilst he is in Transylvania, Mina goes to Whitby to visit her friend Lucy who has recently had 3 marriage proposals from Dr Seward, Quincy Morris – an American, and Arthur Holmswood, who happens to be a friend of Quincy’s and son of Lord Goldalming.

During the time that Mina is in Whitby there’ s a very strange and mysterious incident of a Russian ship being wrecked onto the shore, with all the crew members missing and the Captain being found dead on board. A dog is seen running off of the ship. Soon afterwards Lucy starts sleepwalking.

The events that then unfold spark a feeling of disbelief and horror as the characters find themselves confronted by an unbelievable, supernatural and evil force and a desperate hunt by all 3 of Lucy’s suitors, along with Van Helsing, Jonathan and Mina to track down Count Dracula and kill him ensues.

It is a tale of philosophical and superstitious belief and ultimately of a battle between good and evil.

This is an excellent gothic horror novel which has become a timeless classic and has been inspirational for a lot of writers, film makers and other creatives and in doing so it has created a whole genre of Vampire fiction.


New Blog

With some encouragement from my eldest daughter I have decided to create a new blog, I started this one with good intentions of making it varied and about different things but I have only ever posted my poetry, which was my main intention and I feel everything else belongs on a different blog.

My new blog will be more of a personal journey/journal of my daily life along with creativity, a bit of autism and poetry and books thrown in along the way.

I have a wealth of life experience and opinions and thoughts about everything so I hope you, my readers and followers will be interested in joining me there.


Let It Fall Anyway

Your physical beauty

declines with age and your

body is scarred by the

changing seasons of life.


And as the trees mature

they stand weather worn and

gnarly, they are strong and

graceful in their decay.


Never fear the winter

of your days or lament

your once jejune heart it

is the natural way


of life and you must

let it fall anyway.

Your soul rejuvenates

with worn wisdom and peace.